Support Facilities

To compliment our extensive range of modern multi axis cnc and manual machine tools we have heavily invested in our manufacturing support facilities ~

Inspection Equipment ~

  • Digital Calipers upto 1000mm long
  • Micrometers rangining from 0-600mm Dia
  • Three point bore micrometers from 3.5mm dia up to 300mm dia
  • Two point digital internal micrometers 0-100mm
  • Digital groove calipers for internal and external grooves - various reach and groove depths
  • Digital depth calipers, with and without hook datum faces
  • Specialist digital calipers for measuring radii, hole location and numerous other specific features
  • Digital hieght gauge 0-300mm
  • Vernier height guage 0-600mm
  • Dial bore gauges upto 300mm dia
  • Various thread gauges, internal & external covering all common thread sizes in various thread types.
  • Plain plug and ring gauges
  • Thread measuring parallels for various thread forms
  • Slip gauges, Pin gauges and Gauge spheres
  • Precision squares upto 300mm
  • Granite surface plate and table

Aberlink Axoim Too CNC CMM ~

The Aberlink Axiom Too enables us the ability to determine exact dimensional data quickly on all types of components.  Powerful and easy to use Aberlink 3D measurement software allows quick and easy measurement of complex forms, quick to program for repetitive inspection routines this CMM is perfectly suited to one off inspection as well as batch inspection.  The addition of the automatic indexing probe head and interchangeable probes with probe rack means almost every possible feature on a part can be measured in minimal setups.

The Axiom Too has a working envelope of 640mm x 600mm x 500mm (X,Y and Z)

Faro Quantum M CMM Arm

The Faro Quantum inspection arm allows quick and accurate measurement of components including complex geometries and forms.  Suited to our larger components which are too large for our bridge style CMM machine, the Faro arm is also portable and can be fixed to a machine bed for in process inspection of critical features before components are removed from the machine tool.

Mitutoyo Surftest ~

The mitutoyo SJ-210 is a portable measuring instrument that allows easy and accurate measurement of surface roughness with results that conform to various international standards (EN ISO, VDA, ANSI, JIS)

Optical Measurement of Lapped Faces ~

Our Kemet monochromatic light source coupled with precision optical flats allow precise measurement of surface flatness

Vibratory Finishing ~

Vibratory Finishing, also known as mass finishing, is a mechanical/chemical process for the deburring, radiusing, smoothing, polishing and degreasing of individual, mass produced parts.

Mass Finishing is the process of parts being submerged in media and liquid compounds within a vibratory finishing machine. The machine vibrates causing the contents to move in a circular motion and the media to grind against the part to get the desired finish.

The Vibratory Finishing process is used for both very small and very large workpieces with either simple or very complex geometries.

Vibratory Finishing is used for:

  • Deburring: removing the particles and shavings (known as burrs) that appear when metal is machined or worked
  • Polishing: producing a smooth, bright, reflective surface finish
  • Smoothing: improving the surface finish and blending of any defects or sharp edges
  • Super finishing: production of a high quality smooth surface
  • Cleaning: removal of contaminants, debris, grease or dirt from components
  • Pre-plate finishing: producing a flat, smooth surface finish prior to subsequent plating or coating;
  • Ball burnishing: high-intensity processing, normally within stainless steel balls, to produce a bright lustre finish
  • Barrelling or Tumbling: the original process for deburring or polishing components using a rotary drum rather than a vibratory vessel 

Hi-Spec Precision currently operate six vibratory finishing machines ~

  • Walther Trowel BB40 burr bench for general de-burring of parts and surface preparation, this is a 9 litre vibratory bowl housed in a sound reducing bench with fluid circulating system.
  • TBT75 (75 Litre) vibratory bowl with clean flush fluid system & dosing pump,  set up for pre-polishing with porcelain media and grinding compound
  • TBT75 (75 Litre) vibratory bowl with clean flush fluid system & dosing pump,  set up for final polishing with porcelain media and grinding compound
  • AV75 (23 Litre) vibratory bowl for general de-burring - 2 off
  • 36" diameter vibratory bowl for general de-burring of larger components

Kelch Kenova V224 Tool Pre-Setter ~

The KENOVA set line V224 represents the evolution from the entry-level tool pre-setters. Compact and unimposing, it can undertake a range of measuring tasks and also includes a CMOS camera and a printer interface. This unit is the perfect system to introduce you to non-contact tool measurement. The 5.7-inch touch screen guides operators intuitively through the measuring tasks and ensuring they quickly reach the measuring result requested. The fine adjustment for both axes enables operators to position the tool in the camera image securely and precisely. 

  • Measuring range: Longitudinal axis: 400 mm, Diameter: 250 mm · 
  • Digital measured value display: 0.001 mm
  • Repeat accuracy: ± 0.005 mm 

Gravotech Impact Marking Machines

Marking by dot peen and scribing offer permanent, tamper-proof marking. Gravotech marking systems are designed to be integrated into any production process, to directly mark all metallic and plastic parts, whatever the shape or surface finish.  QR codes, Bar codes and logo can also be marked onto the part surface

We operate two Gravotech Impact marking machines, one is set up for flat marking and can be swiveled to mark oversize work that can't be placed within the work area, the second is set up with a CNC rotary unit to allow marking around the circumference of a circular part

Hot wash Parts Washer ~

This “hot wash” cleaning machine has been introduced to further enhance the quality of our finished products and to meet the strict cleanliness requirements of our “fluid power” industry customers, ensuring our components can be used by our customers without the need for further cleaning. Key features of this equipment are ~

  • Heated detergent reservoir for powerful cleaning & faster drying
  • Motor driven basket rotates parts against cleaning sprays
  • Variable temperature & time controls for maximum flexibility
  • In-built corrosion inhibitor prevents flash rusting
  • Filtered re-circulating system ensures only clean detergent washes the components and prolongs detergent life
  • Solvent free operation protects the environment
  • 550mm Diameter basket
  • 50Kg maximum basket load
  • Cleaning performance – 280 L/min @ 2.8 Bar

Bandsaw ~

The CUTMAX range of Metal Cutting Saws, are manufactured to the highest standard.  All CUTMAX bandsaw machines have very quiet motors with standard variable blade speed control. This makes these metal cutting saws suitable for work on all types of metal including both stainless steel and aluminium.


Dry Back Wet Spray Booth ~

2.2m x 4m Fully enclosed dry back spray booth with filtered air intake for primer and finish painting of components, fabrications and assemblies

Cranage ~

Jib cranes are positioned at numerious points through the workshop to service machines where heavy workpieces need to be loaded or where heavy machine accessories need to be loaded into or removed from the machine tools.  Cranes vary from 125kg upto 1000kg and ensure safe and effeicent handling of heavy workpieces. All our cranes and hoists are regularly checked and certified in line with national standards to enure reliable and safe operation